I tried installing the first driver but the page doesn't load. Change the port that you connect the USB to. Other common issues include surfaces that are too shiny, too dark, or too light. USB Prober will tell you a lot about the devices connected to your computer. If there is, try to remove it. USB not detected on Windows 10 [FIX] A USB device, regardless if it’s a storage device or a mic, will work with no trouble. Port 2: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 Any ideas? Share. When I plug it with USB Overdrive I get a vendor id 5593, product id 2636 and bunch of other numbers. Check out FAQ 16 at http://us.geniusnet.com/supports/micro-traveler-9000r#faq16. I'd first check to see if it works with your Vista laptop, and if it doesn't it's a hardware issue. I have a strange issue that seems related - a USB mouse only works when usbprober is running. Disconnect all connected devices from your Mac. In the window that opens, click on System Report… You should be able to see this: How to Fix Mac Won't Boot from USB Drive. If the program recognizes a different USB device, the problem is not the Mac; you just need to change the USB device you are using. 5 Years Ago. Port 1: Status: 0x0307 Change: 0x0000 IR Receiver It is a USB port where the USB mouse is connected; Press Enter on the keyboard to open USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) Properties. At this time my mac battery was fully charged. We equally welcome both specific questions as well as open-ended discussions. The question I raised to your instructions at 11 am was that I do not have a USB mouse for the Mac. I have two P2419HC monitors and the second one is still working fine. Port 2: Status: 0x0303 Change: 0x0000 USB OPTICAL MOUSE If this does not work, try connecting the USB Keyboard to other USB ports on your computer. When Windows generates such an error, the USB will not show up on your computer. Port 1: Status: 0x0503 Change: 0x0000 HubDevice If the red light underneath the mouse isn't on, plug your mouse into a different USB port. Sebastian_4 0 Newbie Poster . STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE SUSPEND POWER FullSpeed Home. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER HighSpeed Instead of re-detecting everything, I was left with no USB port working, so be careful when using this method. The red light on my mouse is on so it has power but I can't see anywhere where I can set it up, all I'm thinking is that I need a Mac specific mouse? Connect the device to your Mac using a Lightning to USB cable (or Lightning to USB C if you have a newer Mac). A microsoft mouse worked for 2 days on the same mac. The system information is showing that the hardware is not being detected. By using down arrow navigate on Universal Serial Bus Controllers; Press Alt + right arrow to expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers; By using a down arrow navigate on USB Root Hub (USB 3.0). If the mouse still doesn’t work, the device may be the problem. Step 3: To check whether your Mac has booted into Recovery Mode, click on the Apple logo on the top left and then on About this Mac. If not, it may be OS related. Mouse has new batteries. Are you using it through and adapter for example PS/2 to USB? tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync. Đồ chơi tình dục 0 Newbie Poster . I was using GE optical mouse with my MacBook pro. You could also be using an under voltage USB port so try another port. Check for a red light underneath and move the mouse. - the mouse works (tested on a pc) Usually macs just 'plug and play' most of the devices, and it shouldn't have any issues with a mouse. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE SUSPEND POWER HighSpeed Troubleshooting the problem determines whether the problem is a simple physical one, or a sign of a larger issue that requires a system restore. Port 2: Status: 0x0507 Change: 0x0000 FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in) I can't figure it out. Port 3: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 Most of the time these involve a USB mouse plugged into a bad USB port or a wireless mouse running out of batteries. It works great, except that when the computer wakes up from sleep, about 50% of the time the keyboard is unresponsive until I unplug and replug the USB connection. It's a general prolific driver. Step 2. Port 8: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 I uninstalled everything under USB Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager and restarted. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed Restart the computer to bring Bluetooth online. Port 2: (*dev)->DeviceRequest err: 0xe000404f When reinstalling, be sure to check "Archive and Install" so that you don't lose your files. The USB port is a long, flat rectangle with a tab the plug fits into. Expand Keyboard and mice driver and right-click on driver and select ‘uninstall’. 1.20 million developers, IT pros, digital marketers, If the mouse still doesn't work, turn over the mouse. If it will not work on different Macs then it is likely that there is a major issue with the device. Turn the mouse over and inspect the sensor window. If a battery flashes across the indicator, it means that one of your devices has low batteries. If another Mac is available, try connecting the flash drive to it in order to verify that the USB drive itself is not the culprit. Ensure that there is not anything (debris, dirt, etc) obstructing the connection in the USB port. connect your mouse and turn off your laptop and it will work, I had this issue, why i landed on this page, i had tried a few of the suggestions, such as turning off my mac etc....what ended up working was plugging it into my windows laptop and plugging it back in, it works fine now. That is the only other idea I could give you if you know the mouse works, your have the correct driver installed, reset your PRAM and NVRAM, repaired permissions and still nothing happens. These can be a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. We're a friendly, industry-focused community of These steps can help you diagnose and solve potential issues with Razer Synapse. Port 1: Status: 0x0307 Change: 0x0000 IR Receiver Actually try downloading a developer tool called USB Prober and check to see if the mouse is actually being detected on that usb port. This is a solution for a bug where the Steel Series Engine Software is not detecting/showing a Steel Series Device (mouse, headphones, etc). Actually try downloading a developer tool called USB Prober and check to see if the mouse is actually being detected on that usb port. http://us.geniusnet.com/supports/micro-traveler-9000r#faq16, http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/download.asp, https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action?name=IOUSBFamily%20Log%20Release%20for%20Mac%20OS%20X%2010.7.3. If the mouse does not work in single-user mode, you need to replace the mouse. At the same time MacBook is charging from the Monitor, but it is not detecting it as a monitor. If a Mac computer does not recognize the mouse, first rule out any physical problems. IAm also facing the same issue,If any one know about it say the possible causes (Dont ask Mouse is connected and working in Windows) and the ways to fix the problem in MAC OSX, if it is then there may be a driver issue in the kernel, check to see if that vendor has a driver for that product on mac. So I am pretty new. Port 6: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed !Problem is in MAC OS not In any PCx86 and Windows. Can anybody help? Try using a different surface to see if tracking improves. I had a computer with 6 USB ports and only one port would not work properly. Is this mouse connected to an external hub or is the hub listed the root hub in the Mac Pro? If you have another mouse, plug it in. I'll host it for a few days on my server. If your USB is not detected, there are a few things you can try. If the red light underneath the mouse... Troubleshooting With Startup Manager. Here, the USB device mentioned by Windows is a general concept, not limited to a USB hard drive or flash drive, but other devices using a USB port for connection, including a USB mouse, keyboard, Android phone, camera, printer, etc. The system preferences detect that the mouse is plugged. Use your Mac notebook's built-in trackpad or a USB mouse to choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. First and foremost, run a hardware check. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed If there is insufficient power, please use a self-powered USB hub. What make and model# is the mouse? Refer to the table below for more information on determining the Bluetooth status. Double-check that the keyboard and mouse are on and have batteries. If tracking issues occur, try these options: Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Mouse. Guys Please dont comment in your personal think and thoughts with out read and understand question asked here!!! Port 3: Not Responding How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Detecting Your Mouse or Keyboard . 2. Clearing NVRAM and PRAM seemed to fix it for me. The computer will boot into the Startup Manager. Replace the old batteries with unused batteries. Nothing worked for me except Logitech Gaming Software 8.98.306 For Mac OSX 10.13. This is not the same as the G Hub. It would be a stretch but you might have weakened solder joints on your USB connectors. Hub (HubDevice) @ 0xfd100000 with 2 ports I had a similar issue. http://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers/download/usbdebug.html. Make Sure USB Ports are Working. When I connect it to a PC I see which driver is running it but it's of course a windows one. Port 1: Not Responding below are the last lines of the log - below. On the rear connections if you use a wireless mouse and keyboard insert the receiver of the mouse/keyboard into one USB 2 jack and do the same for the install USB, and hurray it worked like a charm.DO NOT use USB3 for installing nor must the receiver be in a USB3 jack. For instance I have additional devices listed as follows: tty.ARDUINOBT-BluetoothSeri STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed With that information I could assist you a little better. Hardware check. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER FullSpeed Macbook Pro 14,3 (USB-C 2017) Apple Dongle with the G602 receiver in it. The drivers are probably fine but idle since they don’t see the USB hardware for Logitech. I got this mouse with my Vista laptop but I assumed it would plug in and work on OS X? Port 4: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 but let's move one thing at a time. Activate Windows restore point - i did not install a driver since I could not find a reference, manufacturer or anything that could tell me which driver to install. In the upper left-hand corner of your computer, a Bluetooth indicator looks like an angular "B." Thanks, i appreciate it. emanuelcds have you tried doing what I described in the post above? Port 6: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 Turn the device on - check the power … STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed If you have your mouse plugged into an external hub plug it into the USB port on the front of your mac and see if it works there. Steps are ordered from simplest and most likely to most difficult and least likely to help you save time and get back to work as quickly as possible. Possible datasheet for the micro-controller (uC) in your mouse, please ignore the Chinese writing as the document is in english and will load shortly after. Port 4: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 and view what devices are connected using tty. Before going to other steps, make sure that USB ports on your computer are working. I would expect that to only affect the Bluetooth system. Also, the computer may recognize the device if you connect it to a different Thunderbolt port or reverse the sides of the Thunderbolt connector. Have you already tried disconnecting USB devices one by one to see if there is a conflict? if it is then there may be a driver issue in the kernel, check to see if that vendor has a … I have 13-inch, early 2008 MacBook running OS X 10.7.3, and recently, the trackpad started developing some problems, so I attached an external keyboard and mouse. Disconnect all other USB devices except for the mouse and the keyboard. if there are any problem contact me. So, try it on another computer. I tried every version of GHub and Control Center, and none of them worked for me. 0 0. You need a developer account to download. I downloaded the one for os x 10.7.2 and ran it. Are you using it through and …. There could be a conflict if you look at "Port 2: (*dev)->DeviceRequest err: 0xe000404f " which seems to be a under the BRC2070 chip, controlling Bluetooth. I wonder whether it is a permissions problem but have tried repair permissions and it hasn't fixed the problem. You can do that by going to the bottom. Please try installing this driver and let me know if it works. Basically when I plugged in my Targus USB mouse it popped up that I was replacing the keyboard, it said if I wasn't then just to ignore the message and carry on, so I crossed it but my mouse isn't been detected by my Macbook Pro. This can be corrected by plugging it into one of the ports in the back of your system. I figured out it started getting detected, when I removed the power supply to my latptop and let it just run on batter power. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed @Esteban. What make and model# is the mouse? STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER HighSpeed If your problem is solved can you please mark the thread as solved. If could get some more information about the device by going into Terminal. If the mouse doesn't light up, or lights up and doesn't move, reboot the computer. do this only when you plug in your mouse and see if you can change the settings to allow your mouse to move. Also try clearing your NVRAM and PRAM, this sometimes causes strange problems on MAC systems and is a real easy fix. Port 3: Status: 0x0503 Change: 0x0000 iPhone Check that the mouse is on. I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles with your new mac. If Bluetooth and your mouse work in single-user mode, then you need to restore your operating system and software. Discussion / Question - Page 1. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed The mouse is detected (confirmed by the infrared light and the fact that when I plug it and go System Preferences/Mouse I see the Settings) but the pointer still does not move and the mouse cannot click, Hub (HubDevice) @ 0xfd100000 with 2 ports Two options for trying to fix corrupt drivers are to restore Windows to a previous point when the USB mouse did work, or uninstall and reinstall the USB port drivers. I have a few hits for the tty. I'm having the same problem on my macbook pro os x 10.7.3 with a ADJ optical mouse. thanks for sharing it's very interesting. What data is USB prober listing? Step 2: You may refer to the computer manufacturer website and try installing keyboard and mice drivers and check. It's a mouse we've had for a while and I don't have any box or info on it. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE SUSPEND POWER LowSpeed Reach out to all the awesome people in our macos community by starting your own topic. you may want to go to system preferences and then select mouse. If you are lucky they might be using a standard USB interface chip, from FTDI here: http://www.ftdichip.com/ or Prolific here: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/download.asp. Press Windows key + X on the desktop Screen and select Device manager. Hardware and Software Forum . Once the computer restarts, plug back the USB Keyboard into the same USB port of your computer. If you run console can you see any errors reported by the mouse or any other program running? If you experience this problem, try connecting the USB-C to USB Adapter and USB device through a USB hub. Reset USB ports on Mac to detect a USB drive Step 1. However, if the drive doesn’t work in any of your USB interfaces you need to look further to determine the problem. Move the mouse to a different USB port. Those options are your best chance if the hardware works and the system does not integrate with it. If your mouse isn’t on a proper surface, you might not get a reading and it will seem like your gaming software isn’t detecting the mouse. Your device might be getting less power than required through the USB port it is connected to. If the mouse doesn't work with either of the USB ports on the keyboard, try each port on the computer. http://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers/download/usbdebug.html, if it is then there may be a driver issue in the kernel, check to see if that vendor has a …. If Bluetooth is still offline, restart the computer in single-user mode by pressing "Command" and "S" at the same time after the startup tone. The only thing written on the mouse is "ADJ". Disconnect all other USB devices except for the mouse and the keyboard. If the mouse does move, then you will need to reinstall the software and operating system on your computer. I don't have an external port. I'd first check to see if it works with your Vista laptop, and if it doesn't it's a hardware issue. The mouse is detected (hardware growler reports the connection) and is powered, but it only works when usbprober is running. If the mouse still doesn't move or has no red light, the mouse is likely dead and you will need a new one. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE SUSPEND POWER LowSpeed I tried another cable, did all kinds of resets - no success. Port 1: Status: 0x0107 Change: 0x0000 BRCM2070 Hub Yesterday all was fine and today it simply says "no USB type C signal". If the light is blinking, the mouse needs to be paired with your keyboard. Hub (EHCI Root Hub Simulation) @ 0xfa000000 with 6 ports STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER HighSpeed macOS Forum . Hello, I'm having the same problem using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3. and technology enthusiasts learning and sharing knowledge. Port 5: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 I figured you might need to be registered with prolific so I tried but they're not accepting new members. STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER LowSpeed. Try repairing permissions (in Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility) on your drive as that solves most problems. Page 2 . If not try searching for a linux driver that contains source code and I could walk you through compiling for your Mac. Restart Mac computer, press the Command +Option+P+R keys until the Apple logo appears. Port 1: Status: 0x0503 Change: 0x0000 HubDevice But try the first two generic USB uC drivers and see if they work. I have had issues with pointing devices being connected through external hubs before. tty.Bluetooth-Modem When a Mac computer doesn't recognize a mouse, first check the USB port or its batteries. 2. Mac Computer Does Not Recognize the Mouse, Apple: Troubleshooting Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Issues, Apple: How to Start Up in Single-User or Verbose Mode. The mouse lights red when I plug it in so it has power. That's an odd one. If you move the mouse and it works, the USB port is the issue. If that mouse works and your old one doesn't, your old mouse needed to be replaced. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed Also check the mouse works (with another computer), and that it works on the same table surface. A USB plug will only fit into a USB port one way, and it will easily slide in. If your mouse is on and paired, the indicator light will be be on. If the battery cover isn't on properly, the switch won't move. Sometimes Mac won't boot from USB as … http://www.bdis.ca/~briandurocher/public/iousbfamily458.4.1alog.dmg. Port 2: Status: 0x0303 Change: 0x0000 USB OPTICAL MOUSE http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?id=31. Port 5: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 Restart the Mac Very old Macs may require a USB power cable, a cable that splits into two USB connectors that need to both be plugged into your Mac, in order to deliver enough power to the drive. 1. If your mouse is wireless, first change the batteries on the mouse. If there are, use a soft cloth to clean out the dust or a toothpick to remove any debris. Restart the computer. Port 3: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 Hub (HubDevice) @ 0xfa100000 with 3 ports When the indicator is gray with a black wavy line across it, it means that Bluetooth is offline. If the indicator is all black, it means that Bluetooth is working, but no devices are connected. When you hear the startup tone, hold down the "Option" key. Port 2: Status: 0x0103 Change: 0x0000 Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed Hub (EHCI Root Hub Simulation) @ 0xfd000000 with 8 ports Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. I've only been on OS X for 2 days! If not, it may be OS …. Mac Computer Does Not Recognize the Mouse USB Mouse. There are a handful of off the shelf micro-controllers that control USB devices and chances are we will find one that works through the process of elimination. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed Wireless mouse not recognized by Mac. Other times the mouse needs to be replaced. I have not tried writing my own device driver for mac / linux yet but someone else might have or might be able to direct you to one which will work if the above two option do not work. Thanks for the help. With that information I could assist you a little better. Mac Mini :: USB Keyboard Not Recognized If Plugged In On Startup Hardware :: When Mouse Is Attached To Keyboard It Is Nor Recognised On Startup OS X :: Bluetooth Keyboard Not Able To … STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE POWER LowSpeed. If your USB mouse does not work on the computer, the USB port drivers may be corrupt. Have you tried running disk utility from your OSX install disk? This shows me additional information and leads me towards a drivers option. Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at startup if no mouse or trackpad is detected Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer It is worth noting that these three options will ensure that any Bluetooth-enabled device can wake your Mac and that the Bluetooth Setup Assistant will automatically launch if a Bluetooth device is not detected when connected to your Mac. Next try this one: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm. Basically my mouse isn't having any movement effect at all and I don't know why? Port 7: Status: 0x0500 Change: 0x0000 I've tried it on the 2 USB port I have on the side of my MBP and still the same results. Below is the fix that actually got it … Unplug your keyboard and replug it into your Mac firmly and securely. I've tried with two different devices, and both worked on other pc. Hub (BRCM2070 Hub) @ 0xfa110000 with 3 ports I have one, still somehow it didnt appear. Mac not detecting USB mouse - Page 2 . With some gaming mice, you will need to use a mouse pad (especially if it is an older mouse). You may also want to check the USB ports on the Mac to make sure there isn't any debris or dust lodged in it. What brand of mouse and model? Earlier in the year I tried again to get the Steel Series Engine software to work so that I could make changes to my Arctic 5's. STATUS(change): POWER HighSpeed Could you post details about the product you are connecting I could help a little more if I knew the brand and model. Hopefully this'll help! 7 – Update your drivers If the mouse doesn't light up, or lights up and doesn't move, reboot the computer. USB Prober will tell you a lot about the devices connected to your computer. After five seconds, the Setup Assistant should appear and guide you through the process. I checked out your site to download the USB Debug dev tool but when I click on the version of the tool that fits my os i get a blank pagehttps://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action?name=IOUSBFamily%20Log%20Release%20for%20Mac%20OS%20X%2010.7.3.