10 / 11. Or, serve them as an appetizer or sandwich filled with your favorite savory filling. If the dough has a good consistency for piping, continue with the next step. In a bowl, blend the cream cheese and some milk until smooth. In a bowl stir cheese, quark and cream till smooth. On a prepared baking sheet, pipe about 20 little round shapes or fewer oval shapes. Cut the rolled out puff pastry into 3 x 3 inch squares. Mix for about a minute or two, then add one egg and continue to mix. Shrimp Salad. - These savory cream puffs should be served slightly warm to appreciate even more their flavor or at least at room temperature. Cream puff filling: Mix sugar, cornstarch and eggs in 2 … It’s just different but there is not much one can do wrong. Cream Puffs with Sweet or Savory Fillings ⋆ My German Recipes Here are a several ideas: Flavored cream cheese. Light and crisp cream puffs are filled with a savory goat cheese filling in this elegant vegetarian appetizer fit for formal entertaining. But add some slice or piece of fresh fruit to it and it’s a feast on your tongue! Puff Pastry Tart with Chicken Filling Hoje para Jantar nutmeg, cream, sea salt, corn, eggs, olive oil, soybeans, dill and 7 more Fresh Guindilla Peppers with Rice Filling El invitado de invierno Fill the Puff Pastries with the filling of your liking and serve fresh. Also, there are often some fruits involved like strawberries, peaches, tangerines …. These delicate strawberry crepes are rolled up with a luscious cream cheese filling and finished off with a sweet strawberry topping and homemade whipped cream. Drop on un-greased cookie sheet by tbsp -one for each cream puff or make larger. It seemed impossible to improve upon the decadent French version of grilled cheese, but this puff pastry gave the creamy sandwich an instant upgrade. - If you buy ready-to-fill cream puffs, my tip is to fill them some hours ahead. —Christopher Fuson, Marysville, Ohio. 4. Cut the puffs open as soon as you can touch them, then let cool completely. 30 high-quality recipes for the ultimate breakfast experience! - You can prepare your filling in advance. From the sweetest indulgences to the cheesiest and meatiest concoctions, it’s a great way to serve a light lunch of a fun dinner for you, the family or for a few of your best friends. Serve immediately. ... 14 Nights of Dinner Ideas … Caramel-Chocolate Cream Puffs MyRecipes. See more ideas about pastry recipes, dessert recipes, recipes. If you read Saturday’s post, you know I’ve written a cookbook, Dream Puffs, all … - From: McCormick. Planing a cocktail party, wine tasting or brunch? caramel sauce, fudge, cream puffs. Required fields are marked *. Add sweet or savory toppings or fillings. To be honest, the first time I made this, I was quite intimidated by this technique. - They can be made all year round. In a saucepan, bring the water with the butter to a boil. More Recipes For and Using Roasted Peppers... Copyright© 1995-2021 The Kitchen Link, Inc. Ham Salad for Sandwiches or for Filling Cream Puff. Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 to 35 minutes or light brown and centers are dry. See more ideas about puff pastry recipes, food, pastry. For the filling, stir together the cream cheese, creme fraiche, cheese and paprika until smooth. Garnish as desired with walnuts, olives and tomatoes. Pour the cooked custard into a clean bowl and cover it with plastic wrap so it touches the entire surface of the custard. Stir for about 1 minute, creating a big lump. Chicken Salad. We'll show you how to make the decadent dessert in a variety of flavors. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and it looks like fresh from a German bakery and will be the hit on your coffee table! Serve warm. You are in the right place and time to meet your ambition. For bite-size puff pastries make them round but if you want to make Eclairs, shape the dough into long ovals. Smear cream cheese over surface of pastry in an even layer, spreading to edges (a small offset spatula is good for this). Your email address will not be published. Add the salmon, the lemon juice and some of the herbs to the cream cheese and blend. Fill the dough into a piping bag with a star-shaped or round tip. See more ideas about dessert recipes, desserts, food. Think about it — pot pies with a top or bottom crust are technically pastries (and so delicious!). Shrimp filling Fill small cream puffs also and use for hor d'oeuvre's. 14 Easy and Tasty Puff Pastry Recipe Ideas. There is no cream in them, so maybe cream puff is the wrong word for these delectable nibbles! Cream Puffs are not a German idea. Cut each puff in half. Fill puff pastry with the cheese mixture and serve right away. Cucumber Salad. Curried Apple-Carrot Slaw (using cream cheese) (1982) Mexican Tostada Salads; Nectarine Salad (with red bell pepper, green onions, and lime vinaigrette) Basil Tomatoes with Gorgonzola Anyway, in a German bakery, you will often find cream puffs and often they are filled with cream or with pudding or with a light yogurt cream. About Fillings for the mini cream puffs. Crab Salad. It turned out that it wasn’t difficult at all! And with these 25 savory crepe fillings you’ll be rounding out the brunch menu quite nicely. Spritz Cookies – the Best & Softest Recipe. Just cut them open, let them cool and then fill them with your favorite filling. See more ideas about cream puff recipe, puff recipe, dessert recipes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any advice/ideas for savory fillings or other uses for pate a choux (aside from eclairs and cream puffs.) If you keep it in the fridge overnight, they will taste like an old book!