HU : 07/2021 Truck tractor unit. Saviez-vous que vous pouvez désormais utiliser également ? Navi Scania Wingfield 218 – 234 Cormack Rd Wingfield, 5010 Tel: (08) 8406 0200 WESTERN AUSTRALIA Scania Kewdale 527 – 529 Abernethy Rd Kewdale, 6105 Tel: (08) 9360 8500 SAU2020-3-R730_6x4 For more information contact your Scania branch or local dealer. Número de engranajes : 12 Air horns. Night clima Great offers from top traders & auctions all in one place. Truck tractor unit. Specifications; - Maur superstructure - Heat in box - High tailgate - GEAB - 6x4 wheel drive / tandem - Opticruise gearbox - Side camera + rear view camera - VBG trailer attachment - Navigation, ventilated seats +++ - Additional lights - Good tires - Euro 6 - EU-approved until 30.06.2021 Mileage. Couleur : Blanc Power : 537 kw Couleur : Blanc IMPORTANT. VLUR4X20009156061 Passo : 370 cm. Scania Navi Scania R730 Topline KM: 610.000 Leave your name and phone number below and have VAEX Truck Trading B.V. call you back. 90-BFB-1 - APK: 31-07-2021 Hands free. Laadvermogen : 10735 kg. WIN THIS SCANIA R730 MIDLIFT TOPLINE For Only £27.50 Per Entry Limited To 3000 Entries Double glazed windows Two Air Heated Seats Bunk Beds 2 Pedal opti cruise Microwave Fridge Freezer and Coffee machine Full Cat walk Alloys Kelsa bars Air Horns 730HP on tap TAG 2 FRIENDS & SHARE!! The specifications in this brochure were correct at the time of printing. HU : 02/2021 Laadvermogen : 10295 kg. Scania R730 4x2 Topline - Show Truck Leather Cruise control. Specifications have been sourced from and are based on manufacturer standard specifications. Power : 537 kw MY: 31-07-2014 Navi ingericht om de best mogelijke ervaring te bieden aan onze Vlaamse bezoekers. Distancia entre ejes : 370 cm. Scania R Series Engines. Power : 537 kw Color : Blanco Apk gekeurd tot : 07/2021 €38,900 Build year 2011. PTO - Hydraulic Leave your email address below. Contrôle technique jusqu'à : 02/2021 Navi Custom in- and exterior Since 1998 - More than 100,000 advertisements - Worldwide offerings, Copyright © 2021 B.V. All rights reserved, TrucksNL respects your privacy. Alcoa YS2R4X20005348722 The new Euro 5-compliant R730 assumes the mantle of the world's most powerful truck, taking the prestigious title from Volvo's 700hp (522kW) FH16. Specifications: Scania R 650 6x4. Scania R730 6x2 Topline MY: 2012 KM: 801502 XLER6X20005285184 Full spec truck - King of the Road Leather Full air Retarder Fridge Coffee machine Microwave Sliding 5th wheel Nombre d'engins : 12 Scania R730 4x2 Topline - Show Truck Anzahl der Getriebe : 12 Cabine type : Slaapcabine As previously explained though, there are other fundamental differences that make the R730 unique in Scania’s V8 range, the most notable being the introduction of the common-rail XPI fuel system with injection pressures upwards of 34,000 psi, and a cylinder bore dimension of 130 mm (compared to 127 mm) which gives the 730 its overall displacement of 16.4 litres. Leather Anzahl Zylinder : 8 Opti-cruise with retarder Getriebe model : Opti-Cruise Opti-cruise with retarder The Scania K124 is a rear-engined bus built by Scania AB of Sweden with 12-litre engine (Scania DSC12 Euro II or later Scania DC12 Euro III), coupled to a Scania manual or automatic transmission. Kelsa Light bar. Número de cilindros : 8 Remaining calculations assume standard specifications. Scania R730 Topline Number of cylinders : 8 MOT until : 07/2021 Opti-Cruise Retarder Scania R730 Topline 6x2 - King of the Road - Full spec | VAEX The Truck Traders All (146) Tractor unit (49) Semi-trailer (28) Colour : White Contrôle technique jusqu'à : 07/2021 Tnl Business, Since 1998 - More than 100,000 advertisements - Worldwide offerings, Copyright © 2021 B.V. All rights reserved, TrucksNL respects your privacy.