B.W. Summary: Book 21. Plot summary. 2312 (Book) : Robinson, Kim Stanley : "The year is 2312. Short Summary Nancy and her friends follow the clues to find a missing chocolate turkey in this gentle mystery starring the clever detective before she was a famous teen. Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312, a sci-fi novel so brilliant, it reads like an account of the past. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of 2312: Rendezvous with Tetra; In the year 2236 a brilliant new supernova lights the night sky. 2312. by Kim Stanley Robinson ‧ RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2012. 2312 feels like Kim Stanley Robinson trying to throw his arms around the solar system, bringing the intimately personal sphere into the system-wide … Scientific and technological advances have opened gateways to an extraordinary future. Earth is no longer humanity's only home; new habitats have been created throughout the solar system on moons, planets, and in between. In most cases, the reviews are necessarily limited to those that were available to us ahead of publication. Berry Booklist B.W. Berry Message Board. But in this year, 2312, a sequence of events will force humanity to confront its past, its present, and its future. By Choire Sicha. 2312 is a fascinating book. Another ... flourishes and magic-powered protagonist are reminiscent of his work on Marvel’s Black Panther superhero comic book, but even his most melodramatic effects are deepened by … Good For: Page-Turning Mystery, Popular Series, Classic Characters in Contemporary Adventures Topics and Themes: Show this book's table of contents, where you can jump to any chapter by name. The novel is set, as the title suggests, in the year 2312, in the great city of Terminator on Mercury, which is built on gigantic tracks in order to constantly stay on the planet's nightside.Swan Er Hong, an artist and former asteroid terrarium designer, is grieving over the sudden death of her step-grandmother, Alex, who was very influential among the inhabitants of Terminator. 2312: Rendezvous with Tetra Book Summary and Study Guide. It explores humanity and gender and sexuality and evolution in smart, interesting and earnest ways. Penelope gets Odysseus’s bow out of the storeroom and announces that she will marry the suitor who can string it and then shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes. This information about Seducing the Boys Club shown above was first featured in "The BookBrowse Review" - BookBrowse's membership magazine, and in our weekly "Publishing This Week" newsletter. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers Click to read more about 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. « Back Next » ×...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. Telemachus sets up the axes and then tries his own hand at the bow, but fails in his attempt to string it. « Back Next » × Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one.